Investing In African Mining Indaba

Speakers 2018

Highlights for 2018:

  • H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo

    H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo

    Former President
    The Republic of Nigeria and Chairman, The Brenthurst Foundation

  • Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

    Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

    Former Deputy Secretary-General
    United Nations and Senior Advisor, Eurasia Group

  • Gareth Penny

    Gareth Penny

    Norilsk Nickel

  • Tom Albanese

    Tom Albanese

    Former CEO

  • Richard Williams

    Richard Williams


  • Robert Friedland

    Robert Friedland

    Executive Chairman and Founder
    Ivanhoe Mines

Institutional Investors, Asset Managers, Private Equity Funds and Offtakers:

  • Julian Treger

    Julian Treger

    CEO, Anglo Pacific and Managing Partner
    Audley Capital

  • Norman Macdonald

    Norman Macdonald

    Portfolio Manager

  • Peter Grosskopf

    Peter Grosskopf

    Sprott Inc.

  • Neil Gregson

    Neil Gregson

    Portfolio Manager
    JP Morgan Asset Management

  • Michael Barton

    Michael Barton

    Portfolio Manager
    Orion Resource Partners

  • Fidelis Madavo

    Fidelis Madavo

    Head of Resources
    Public Investment Corporation

  • Hanre Rossouw

    Hanre Rossouw

    Head of Resources
    Investec Asset Management

  • Todd Warren

    Todd Warren

    Head of Global Resources
    Colonial First State

  • Charl Malan

    Charl Malan

    Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager
    Van Eck

  • Richard Crookes

    Richard Crookes

    Investment Director
    EMR Capital

  • Johan Bester

    Johan Bester

    Project Manager
    Thebe Investment Corporation

  • Dr. Andor Lips

    Dr. Andor Lips

    Fund Manager
    Commodity Investment Fund

  • Willem Middelkoop

    Willem Middelkoop

    Commodity Investment Fund

  • Anthony Milewski

    Anthony Milewski

    Managing Director
    Pala Investments

  • Joachim Berlenbach

    Joachim Berlenbach

    Earth Resource Investment Group

  • Mike Stirzaker

    Mike Stirzaker

    Pacific Road Capital

  • Tim Markwell

    Tim Markwell

    Fund Manager
    Lion Selection Group

  • Caroline Donally

    Caroline Donally

    Denham Capital

  • Pim Kalisvaart

    Pim Kalisvaart

    Portfolio Manager
    Hawke's Point

  • Deal Originator

    Richard Lee

    Deal Originator
    Barak Fund Management

  • Zeno van Gils

    Zeno van Gils

    Deal Analyst
    Barak Fund Management

  • Stephen Motteram

    Stephen Motteram

    Global Head of Asset Development
    Noble Group

  • Hayden von Maltitz

    Hayden von Maltitz

    Concentrate Capital

  • Marjan Ertefai

    Marjan Ertefai

    Portfolio Manager
    Ivaldi Capital

  • David Twist

    David Twist

    African Mining Development Fund


  • Hon. John Peter Amewu

    Hon. John Peter Amewu

    Minister of Lands and Natural Resources

  • H.E. Advocate Sadique Kebonang

    H.E. Advocate Sadique Kebonang

    Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security

  • Hon. Christopher Yaluma

    Hon. Christopher Yaluma

    Minister of Energy and Minerals

  • H.E. Hon Advocate Sadique Kebonang

    H.E. Mr. Léopold Mboli Fatran

    Minister of Mining and Geology
    Central African Republic

  • Hon. Pr. Aissatou Sophie Gladima Siby

    Hon. Pr. Aissatou Sophie Gladima Siby

    Minister of Mines and Geology

  • H.E. Prof Tiémoko Sangare

    H.E. Prof Tiémoko Sangare
    Minister of Mines
    Republic of Mali


  • Hon. Aziz Rabbah

    Hon. Aziz Rabbah

    Ministry of Energy
    Mines and Sustainable Development, Morocco

  • H.E. Osheik Mohamed Tahir

    H.E. Osheik Mohamed Tahir

    State Minister for the Ministry of Minerals
    Republic of Sudan

  • Hon. Keketso Sello

    Hon. Keketso Sello

    Minister of Mining
    Kingdom of Lesotho

  • H.E. Oumarou Idani

    H.E. Oumarou Idani

    Minister of Mines and Quarries
    Republic of Burkina Faso

  • Hon. Dr Kayode Fayemi

    Hon. Dr Kayode Fayemi

    Minister of Mines and Steel Development
    Federal Republic of Nigeria

  • Hon. Obeth Kandjoze

    Minister of Mines and Energy

  • Hon. Walter Chidakwa

    Hon. Walter Chidakwa

    Minister of Mines and Mining Development

  • H.E. Motuma Mekassa Zeru

    H.E. Motuma Mekassa Zeru
    Minister of Mines
    Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


  • Hon. Dr Kayode Fayemi

    Hon. Dederiwe Ably-bidamaon
    Minister of Mines


  • Hon. Dr Kayode Fayemi

    Hon. Bill Johnson
    Minister of Mines and Petroleum; Commerce and Industrial Relations, Asian Engagement, Electoral Affairs
    Government of Western Australia


  • Hon. Dr Kayode Fayemi

    Honourable David Houdeingar Ngarimaden
    Minister of Mines, Geology and Quarries


Other speakers:

  • Steve Phiri

    Royal Bakofeng Platinum

  • Norman Mbazima

    Deputy Chairman - South Africa
    Anglo American

  • Des Kilalea

    Canaccord Genuity

  • Lars-Eric Johansson

    Ivanhoe Mines

  • Luke Graham


  • Brendan Borg

    Managing Director
    Celsius Resources

  • Stephen Wetherall

    Lucapa Diamonds

  • Nico Muller

    Impala Platinum

  • Dr. Patience Mpofu

    Dr. Patience Mpofu

    Vice President: Corporate Affairs Africa Region

  • Clyde Russell

    Clyde Russell

    Commodieties & Energy Columnist
    Thomson Reuters

  • Shishir Poddar

    Managing Director
    Tirupati Graphite

  • Paul Roberts

    Managing Director
    Predictive Discovery

  • Bold Baatar

    Bold Baatar

    Chief Executive, Energy and Minerals
    Rio Tinto

  • Dan Betts

    Blake Rhodes

    VP Corporate Development

  • Michelle Ash

    Michelle Ash

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Andrew Spinks

    Andrew Spinks

    Managing Director
    Kibaran Resources

  • Clive Johnson

    Clive Johnson


  • Dan Betts

    Dan Betts


  • Simon Purkiss

    Simon Purkiss

    Consolidated Nickel Mines

  • Daniel Major

    Daniel Major


  • Roy Harvey

    Roy Harvey


  • Andrew Dinning

    Andrew Dinning

    Sarama Resources

  • Caigen Wang

    Caigen Wang

    Tietto Minerals

  • Sebastian de Montessus

    Sebastian de Montessus

    Endeavour Mining

  • Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson

    World Platinum Investment Council

  • Trevor Raymond

    Trevor Raymond

    Director of Research
    World Platinum Investment Council

  • Chris Griffith

    Chris Griffith

    Anglo American Platium

  • Nick Cotts

    Nicholas Cotts

    Group Executive - Sustainability and External Relations
    Newmont Mining Corporation

  • John Capel

    John Capel

    Managing Director
    Bench Marks Foundation

  • Glen Mpufane

    Glen Mpufane

    Director: Mining and DGOJP
    IndustriALL Global Union

  • Siphokazi Mthathi

    Siphokazi Mthathi

    Executive Director
    OXFAM Johannesburg

  • Dan Betts

    Kailash Bhana

    Chief Director at The Presidency
    Government of South Africa

  • Dan Betts

    David van Wyk

    Senior Researcher
    Benchmarks Foundation

  • Gavin Andersson

    Gavin Andersson

    Seriti Institute

  • Mark Bristow

    Mark Bristow


  • Glenn Mullan

    Glenn Mullan


  • Dan Betts

    Nwanneakolam Vwede-Obahor

    Human Rights Adviser
    The UN Human Rights Office

  • Simon Bolster

    Simon Bolster

    Principal Geoscientist

  • Eddie Rich

    Eddie Rich

    Deputy Head and Regional Director for Africa and Middle East, EITI International Secretariat
    Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

  • Harry Pastuszek

    Harry Pastuszek

    VP Enterprise and Community Development
    PYXERA Global

  • Dan Betts

    Andrew Hotter

    Special Correspondent
    Metal Bulletin

  • Rudi Dicks

    Rudi Dicks

    Outcomes Facilitator, Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation
    Government of South Africa

  • Dr. Claude Kabemba

    Dr. Claude Kabemba

    Official Representative
    Alternative Mining Indaba

  • William Adams

    William Adams

    Head of Research
    Metal Bulletin

  • Tracey Cooper

    Tracey Cooper

    Executive Director
    Mining Dialogues 360⁰

  • Tom Butler

    Tom Butler

    President and CEO
    International Council on Mining and Metals

  • Kemal Özkan

    Kemal Özkan

    Assistant General Secretary
    IndustriALL Global Union

  • Peter Major

    Peter Major

    Head of Mining
    Cadiz Corporate Solutions

  • Abraham Worwui

    Abraham Worwui

    Regional Director, Supply Chain

  • Paul Ziminsky

    Paul Zimnisky

    Independent Diamond Analyst

  • Charles Gibson

    Charles Gibson

    Director of Mining
    Edison Investment Research

  • Lara Smith

    Lara Smith

    Managing Director
    Core Consultants

  • Mike Fraser

    President and COO

  • Dave Payne

    Head of Technology

  • Mark Farren

    Executive Vice President, Operations
    Ivanhoe Mines

  • Andrew Maguire

    Andrew Maguire

    Independent London Metals Trader and Analyst

  • Debbie Ntombela

    Debbie Ntombela

    Partner, Head of Head of Mining, Minerals & Energy
    Shepstone & Wylie

  • Graham Briggs

    Graham Briggs

    Convenor; former CEO
    Occupational Lung Disease Working Group; Harmony Gold

  • Rev. Malcolm Damon

    Rev. Malcolm Damon

    Official Representative
    Alternative Mining Indaba

  • Prof Nellie Mutemeri

    Prof Nellie Mutemeri

    Associate Professor, School of Mining Engineering
    University of Witwatersrand, South Africa