Sustainable Development Day

Tuesday 4th February 2020, Stage B

Mapping Africa's Mining Industry Towards a Sustainable Future

The Sustainable Development Day aims to brings sustainability into the core of every mining business. The interactive and engaging platform encourages open dialogue to encourage the resolution of socio-economic challenges facing the industry.

Each discussion brings together the key members of civil society, NGOs, mining company executives, government officials, academics and capital holders to conceptualise, discuss and implement effective solutions for more sustainable and responsible extraction of natural resources in Africa.

Key topics will include:
  • Redefining Responsible Mine Leadership in line with the Mining and Faith Reflections Initiative
  • Rethinking Mine Rehabilitation
  • Climate-Smart Mining: African minerals for the Low-carbon future
  • Innovative Tech and Data management solutions for Sustainable Mining
  • Building Community Voices in the Mining Sector and Alternative Mining Indaba
  • Harmonising Extraction and Environment: Climate Change and Environmental Protection
  • Achieving a ‘Zero Harm’ Approach: Putting People and Health and Safety First

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