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2017 Investing in African Mining Indaba

Welcome to Registration for the 2017 Mining Indaba®

Please follow the registration steps below to register - if you require assistance, please email
info@miningindaba.com or call +44 (0)207 779 8890


Step 1:
 Enter the attending delegate's email address (and registration / promo code if applicable).
Step 2: Select the applicable attendee category. 
Step 3: Click 'continue' to proceed with the registration.


This attendee category is for professionals working for mining and exploration companies.  The price of your delegate pass is dependent upon your company’s market capitalisation (if listed) or estimated value (if private) as of 1st June 2016.

What is a Mining/Exploration company?
 A Mining Corporate is defined as a company whose primary business is exploring, seeking to develop, or actively mining natural resource deposits or fields excluding oil and gas. This does not include mining contract services, mining equipment companies, or other companies that service bona fide mining and exploration companies. Simply being in the possession of a mining right does not automatically qualify for these rates. Companies seeking to take advantage must be able to show that their participation in the event is for the purpose of advancing their business of mining rather than other initiatives they may be engaged in. The Mining Indaba reserves the right to refuse anyone access to this rate at their sole discretion. 

How do I know if my company is eligible? To see the list of pre-approved companies, please click here

Step 1: Select your company name from the drop down list of the mining & exploration company listings.
Step 2: Enter the attending delegate's email address - This must be the delegate's company email address.
Step 3: Select the applicable mining & exploration company attendee category that your company is eligible for.
Step 4: Click 'continue' to proceed with the registration.

If you cannot find your company in any of the Mining & Exploration listings below please contact info@miningindaba.com for assistance before registering to check you will be eligible to register under this category.

                                                         Mining & Exploration Company Listings
Large Cap
Publicly Traded Company with Market capitalisation more than $10 billion
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