Investing In African Mining Indaba

Join us at our 25th edition - 4-7 February 2019

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What you can expect in 2019:

  • Heads of State taking centre stage – President of Ghana already confirmed
  • Battery metals day in the Junior Mining Forum
  • Resource Nationalism - developing strategies to restore stability and protect investments
  • The latest disruptive tech & innovation strategies in the Mining 2050 Innovation Track
  • Sustainability Day - addressing negative mining legacies, local communities & environmental concerns. 
  • Investment Pavilion: a new area combining the VIP Investor Lounge & Junior Mining Showcase 
  • More women to feature on the agenda



Heads of State taking centre stage

The President of Ghana is already confirmed and likely to be joined by many others at our 25th Anniversary.

A whole day dedicated to battery metals

Is this the area where you can get the growth you are after? Hear from the countries holding the resources, the battery manufacturers buying them and the risks to future growth due to changing battery technology.

Tackle the major issue of Resource Nationalism

Resource Nationalism is rearing its ugly head again. Develop strategies on how to restore stability and protect your investments when there’s political and economic upheaval.

Investors and junior miners get closer

The investor lounge will move closer to Junior Mining Showcase providing easier interaction between investors and miners, plus the chance to bump into important people.

Driving Sustainable Development

Key discussion at this year’s Sustainability Day include: disruptive innovation for sustainability, water & environment, negative mining legacies and the role of communities in shaping the development of mining.

More diversity

Our pledge to increase diversity starts with more women featuring on the agenda.

Mining 2050 Innovation Track

COOs and Project Directors of mining companies will discuss the latest disruptive tech and innovation strategies driving the industry forward.


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