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water shortage measures

As you may know Cape Town is currently experiencing extreme water shortage, so Mining Indaba has been working with our suppliers to minimise our impact on the city’s infrastructure.

We would like to thank Kal Tire for providing bottled water throughout the event. Please try and limit your own water usage throughout the week, as Cape Town is going through this difficult period.

Mining Indaba is also supporting and making a donation to Gift of the Givers, an NGO which is distributing water to communities worse affected by the water crisis. If you would like to make a personal donation to this cause, please visit Stand 1202 in Mining Indaba.


The city of Cape Town has advised all visitors to:
- Wash hands less frequently, instead using hand sanitiser where possible. You will find hand sanitiser in toilets throughout the CTICC.
- Take short, stop-start showers
- Don’t leave the tap running while brushing water
- Only flush when you really need to

We hope that you have a wonderful time in Cape Town, and both the city and Mining Indaba appreaciate your help in trying to implement these water saving measures wherever possible.



Gift of the Givers is the largest disaster response NGO of African origin on the African continent. Commencing as a disaster response agency the organisation now has 21 categories of projects which include bursaries, agricultural self sustainability, water provision, counselling and life skills services, entrepreneurship and job creation, establishment of primary health care clinics and medical support to hospitals, winter warmth and supply of new clothing and shoes, sports development, feeding schemes and food parcel distribution, supply of household and personal hygiene packs, educational support and toy distribution, provision of housing, care of the physically and mentally challenged, orphans and the elderly as some of our diverse activities. To find out more about their work, see their website:


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