Investing In African Mining Indaba

Sustainable Development Day


Sustainability Mining: The Next Wave of Transformation

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What will you learn?

  • Collective strategies and best practices for managing the wide-ranging impacts in environment and communities
  • The right approach to managing the impact on local communities
  • How to improve the dialogue between the sector and society and establish transparency and trust
  • The role of communities in shaping the future of Africa’s mining
  • Global standards and the best transformation strategies
  • How to advance diversity and inclusion
  • What the role of technologies and local content policies are for transforming the future workforce and communities
  • Sustainability-driven innovations
  • How better evaluate forecast and address risks early on

Who's it for?

Mining executives, NGO's, Government Officials and members of the community wanting to make a positive impact and ensure that shared value is created from Africa’s mineral wealth.


Who's speaking?

The interactive day is made up a series of exclusive panel discussions. Some of the headline names include: