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Mining 2050 Innovation Track

The Mining 2050 Innovation Track discusses the latest tech and innovation strategies driving the mining industry forward. It brings together COO's, Project Directors and Chief Innovation Officers to explore the best way for taking their mining operations to the next level.

In 2019, some key themes of the Innovation Track will include:
  • Artificial intelligence in mines
  • Efficiency in material processing
  • Adaping to a world that's becoming more recycling-friendly

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The 2018 Innovation track fostered discussion around:
  • New exploration techniques for junior miners
  • Managing risk across the project life cycle using big data
  • Digitisation, data and the future of work
  • Start up showcase of 5 companies with innovative mining technologies
  • Processing technology in waste removal
  • Developing sustainable procurement strategies
  • Renewable energy in mines

See 2018 agenda