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Mining 4.0: Innovation, young professionals and priorities for a sustainable future

Engaging young people and attracting the right skill-set to the mining sector continues to be difficult. With mines located far from most universities and strong competition from other industries, many young people are sceptical about careers in mining. The sector needs to explain its future, positive impact and its rapid innovation to excite, nurture and support the best young talent.

To expose young people to mining’s opportunities and innovations Mining Indaba hosted its 3rd Young Leaders in Mining Programme in partnership with Brunswick Group. Launched in 2016 the event has grown rapidly in size and importance, attracting cabinet ministers and leaders in government along with CEOs and senior executives from South Africa and the world’s biggest and most exciting mining companies. It has proven to be THE event for students aspiring to learn more about this rapidly changing industry directly from young professionals and top leaders in the sector.

Reflecting the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, the imperative remains to operate sustainably alongside young people’s expectation that mining deliver value for all stakeholders. This year’s theme was: Mining 4.0: ‘Innovation, young professionals and priorities for a sustainable future’.

Guest speakers included top leaders in business, government and civil society along with young professionals driving innovation within the industry. Speakers, panels and students explored topics like:

• What young people can do to reshape the industry?
• The technical and management innovations revolutionising mining – from waterless mines, to big data and robotics, to community development and investment strategies
• Young people’s expectations of mining; mining’s expectations of young people
• What skills, values and attitudes will be needed for mining 4.0?
• Priorities for mining – where generations converge and diverge?
• How can mining support sustainability, inclusiveness and transformation?

The programme was attended by a variety of audiences including university students, mining companies, banks and law firms working in the mining sector plus technology providers and regulators and academics.


  • Currently at university or in higher education
  • Have left university in the past two years
  • A PHD student
  • Professors and Researchers will be considered on a case by case basis with an upper limit on the number who can attend

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