Investing In African Mining Indaba

2018 Investors

The following investors attended the 2018 event. If you would like to learn more information about the 2019 Investor Relation programme then contact Kael O'Sullivan now on

  • 36ONE Asset Management
  • Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Acorus Capital
  • Aeon Investment Management
  • Aether Investment Partners
  • Afena Capital
  • Africa Finance Corp.
  • Altus Strategies Ltd
  • Aluwani Capital Partners
  • AMED Funds
  • Amphi Capital
  • Apollo Group
  • Appian Capital Advisory
  • Ashburton
  • Assured Risk Transfer
  • Aterra Capital
  • Audley Capital
  • Auramet International
  • Baobab Asset Management
  • Barak Fund Manager
  • Bayswater Capital Partners
  • BBK Investment Holdings
  • Cadiz Corporate Solutions
  • Carmignac Gestion
  • Catalyst Principal Partners
  • CCB International Capital Limited
  • CD Capital Asset Management Ltd
  • CDF Trust and Consulting BV
  • Chancellor House Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  • China Gold International
  • Colonial First State Global Asset Management
  • Commodity Discovery Fund
  • Concentrate Capital
  • Concord Resources Limited
  • Coronation Fund Managers
  • Covalis Capital
  • Cresco Partners
  • Delta Capital Invest
  • Denham Capital Management
  • Dimac Capital Corp
  • Earth Resource Investment Group
  • EF Mining Capital Fund
  • EHV Technologies
  • EMR Capital
  • ESkom Pension & Provident Fund
  • Export Development Canada
  • Fairtree Capital
  • FBN UK
  • Fusion Capital
  • Garlaban Consult Ltd
  • Greatpower Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Hawkes Point Capital
  • IFC
  • Invesco Canada
  • Investec Asset Management
  • Ivaldi Capital LLP
  • Ivor Jones Family Superannuation Fund
  • Ivory Wealth Management
  • JPMorgan Asset Management
  • JSS Empowerment Mining Fund
  • Karalia Investment Trust
  • KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH
  • KKR / KKR Global Institute
  • Lazard Asset Management
  • Lion Selection Group
  • LMTD Investments Fund
  • Lubambe Copper Mine
  • Macquarie
  • Managem Group
  • Medea Capital Partners
  • Meridian Capital
  • Midas Funds
  • Mila Resources
  • Natixis Asset Management
  • Nedbank Private Wealth
  • Nedgroup Asset Management
  • Noble Group
  • Old Mutual Equities
  • Oppenheimer Funds
  • Orion Resource Partners
  • Pacific Road Capital
  • Pala Investments
  • Pangea
  • Panmure Gordon & Co
  • Pembridge Resources PLC
  • Pengxin International Mining Co. Ltd
  • Plinian Capital Limited
  • Pluto Investment AG
  • Polunin Capital
  • Public Investment Corporation
  • Qaphela Capital Advisors
  • RECM
  • Resource Capital Funds
  • Rossport Investments
  • Rothschild & Co
  • Sandstorm Gold Ltd
  • Scipion Capital
  • Shard Capital Partners
  • Shaw and Partners
  • ShepherdTree Holdings 
  • Simeka Capital Holdings
  • Small Cap Invest Ltd
  • Southern Charter Fund Managers
  • Sprott Inc
  • Swiss Re International SE
  • Tamela Holdings
  • Taurus Funds Management
  • Tembo Capital Management Ltd
  • Terea- Africa Ltd
  • Thebe Investments
  • Traxys Africa
  • Union Bancaire Asset Management
  • Van Eck
  • Vaquero Global Investment
  • Vunani Capital
  • Winterflood Securities
  • Zeta Resources Limited
  • Zhaojin International Mining Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Zijin Mining

Investor Speakers:

  • Jamie Govan

    Senior Responsible Investment Analyst
    Aberdeen Standard Investments

  • Michael Anderson

    Taurus Fund

  • David Awram

    Senior Executive Vice President & Director
    Sandstorm Gold

  • Namrata Thapar

    Head, Global Mining
    International Finance Corporation (IFC)

  • Julian Treger

    Julian Treger

    CEO, Anglo Pacific and Managing Partner
    Audley Capital

  • Norman Macdonald

    Norman Macdonald

    Portfolio Manager

  • Peter Grosskopf

    Peter Grosskopf

    Sprott Inc.

  • Neil Gregson

    Neil Gregson

    Portfolio Manager
    JP Morgan Asset Management

  • Michael Barton

    Michael Barton

    Portfolio Manager
    Orion Resource Partners

  • Fidelis Madavo

    Fidelis Madavo

    Head of Resources
    Public Investment Corporation

  • Hanre Rossouw

    Hanre Rossouw

    Head of Resources
    Investec Asset Management

  • Todd Warren

    Todd Warren

    Head of Global Resources
    Colonial First State

  • Charl Malan

    Charl Malan

    Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager
    Van Eck

  • Richard Crookes

    Richard Crookes

    Investment Director
    EMR Capital

  • Johan Bester

    Johan Bester

    Project Manager
    Thebe Investment Corporation

  • Dr. Andor Lips

    Dr. Andor Lips

    Fund Manager
    Commodity Investment Fund

  • Willem Middelkoop

    Willem Middelkoop

    Commodity Investment Fund

  • Anthony Milewski

    Anthony Milewski

    Managing Director
    Pala Investments

  • Joachim Berlenbach

    Joachim Berlenbach

    Earth Resource Investment Group

  • Mike Stirzaker

    Mike Stirzaker

    Pacific Road Capital

  • Tim Markwell

    Tim Markwell

    Fund Manager
    Lion Selection Group

  • Caroline Donally

    Caroline Donally

    Denham Capital

  • Pim Kalisvaart

    Pim Kalisvaart

    Portfolio Manager
    Hawke's Point

  • Deal Originator

    Richard Lee

    Deal Originator
    Barak Fund Management

  • Zeno van Gils

    Zeno van Gils

    Deal Analyst
    Barak Fund Management

  • Stephen Motteram

    Stephen Motteram

    Global Head of Asset Development
    Noble Group

  • Hayden von Maltitz

    Hayden von Maltitz

    Concentrate Capital

  • Marjan Ertefai

    Marjan Ertefai

    Portfolio Manager
    Ivaldi Capital

  • David Twist

    David Twist

    African Mining Development Fund