Sustainable Development Day 2018



Defining a common vision for sustainable development is vital for Africa's mining industry. As the expectations for responsible mining practices continue to grow, key stakeholders need to join forces and address the challenges that are preventing the successful implementation of a long term vision.

The Sustainable Development Day is here to answer important questions including:

  • What should that vision look like?
  • What are the next steps to ensure its successful implementation?
  • And how should the current deficit of trust between mining house, communities and governments be addressed?
Sustainable Development

Join us on Tuesday 6th February 2018 at a central location right next to the main stage in the CTICC for a full-day of interactive programming focusing on creating shared value and adopting best practices and innovative solutions for inclusive and socially sustainable mining.

The programme will feature a set of interactive discussions and practical workshops focusing on:
  • Addressing the deficit of trust between mining houses, communities and governments to build a balanced relationship that will last
  • The resolution of challenges around human and labour rights
  • Discussing best practices around Community Relations and Development strategies
  • Creating Local Content : from compliance to Shared Value

In addition to the Sustainable Development Day join us on the Main Stage for the following sessions:
  • A panel discussion on the role of sustainability standards for junior mining companies and the effect it has on attracting investment (Monday 5th February)
  • A session to discuss the main outtakes and conclusions of the Sustainable Development Day (Wednesday 7th February)

Who is attending?