Who Attends

The world’s largest gathering of the most influential stakeholders in African mining –investors, mining professionals, government officials, financers, and mining service providers. Join a powerful international group of industry professionals that make Cape Town, South Africa their preferred destination to conduct important business and make the vital relationships to sustain their investment interests.

More than 6,000 delegates come from global mining and exploration companies, international investors, African and non-African governments, and a wide range of service providers including mining equipment companies, mining services providers, law firms, investment banks and financial services firms, engineering and research services, tax & accounting companies, and business/technical consultants.

Most notable is the 50% increase in the number of small cap, micro cap, nano cap, and small private mining companies attending. The effort to refocus this event on the three primary segments and create opportunities for more small miners yielded the desired outcome, and sets the stage for even greater enhancements in 2018.