Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

Invest Saudi is a communication platform that serves all government entities with regards to promoting the Kingdom as a future-ready investment destination, thus contributing to realizing Vision 2030. Invest Saudi is tasked with promoting the enormous investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia to the world and strengthening the Kingdom’s investment environment image.

The Kingdom is living in an era where the economy is thriving and the nation is reviving. There is an ocean of untapped potential that needs to be explored by local and foreign investors. After launching Vision 2030, the growth of the Saudi market is continuing, which is opening up doors to innovative investments in a sustainable business environment.

The Saudi economic market has gone through dramatic, positive changes. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is becoming an attractive investment destination that provides rich opportunities in various sectors, exceptional resources and market conditions, and pro-business regulations.

Invest Saudi is aiming to create a positive impact for investors throughout their journey in Saudi Arabia.


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