Young Leaders Programme

Mining 4.0: Innovation, young professionals and priorities for a sustainable future

Mining executives are more eager than ever to meet and attract young talent to their companies and this year's Young Leaders Programme saw a record number of attendees.

It was an opportunities for students and young people interested in a career in mining to meet with and learn from some of the top executives at the world’s most successful mining companies.

What did they learn?

  • How the mining leaders of today kick started their careers and their journey to the top
  • How others have started their own businesses in mining sector
  • How to prepare for a career in mining
  • How to fast track your job application and avoid waiting months for a reply
  • The positive changes the industry is making on sustainability and digital mines

Who was it for?

  • Students or recent graduates (within the past 2 years) interested in a career in mining
  • Mining executives interested in attracting the new wave of talent entering the industry and those who want to give back

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