Mining 2050

Tech and Innovations for Futuristic Operations

Extended to 2 full days, there's so much happening for Mining 2050. The digital revolution may have hit the mining indsutry slower than others but now its certainly well on its way. 

Buzz words like AI, Blockchain and Augmentation will be discussed at this year's Mining 2050 track. Delegates will learn how the mine of the future can meet the demand of low carbon technologies, benefits of tracking resource movement and upskilling workers for an evolving future.

Delegates will have the chance to discover the best technologies available and learn how they can be implemented into the production process, looked at how other industries have embraced the digital world and how the mining industry can learn from them.

What's will be discussed?

  • Top-down innovation
  • How can mining companies meet the demand of low carbon technologies
  • What will a Waste-free future look like?
  • Exploring the benefits of tracking resource movement across the value chain
  • What effect will have on ethically minded customers
  • How to utilise digital modelling to optimise process mapping and efficiency

Who is it for?

Mining COOs, digital innovators and forward thinkers keen to drive their operations forward and stay ahead of the curve.