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Risk, Growth and Sustainability | Turning challenge to benefit as a modern mining GC

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Mining in Africa requires companies to understand and navigate complex legal risks and multi-layered legal regimes. From local community rights to global compliance obligations, in-house legal teams and their stakeholders need to keep up with a constantly evolving legal landscape to capitalise on resource opportunities.
New for 2020, the General Counsel Forum is dedicated to discussing the key regional and global legal trends facing mining lawyers working in Africa. A Legal Indaba provides a platform for the mining lawyer community to connect and discuss the growing expectations placed on the mining GC by the board and investors in response to regional trends and global policy reforms.

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Topics included:

  • Risk | How to build and implement a culture of compliance across multiple organisational levels and departments, including visual compliance programmes, embracing technology to drive more effective risk management and convincing both internal and external stakeholders that risk management is a collective responsibility.
  • Growth | Reflects on the growing expectations that the board and investors are placing on the mining GC to effectively explain and manage African legal developments and increasing global regulation and sustainability goals. 
  • Sustainability | Looks at the perception of the GC’s role in coordinating sustainable mining, including managing local vendor relationships, elevating the GC role beyond problem-solving into strategy and unlocking the value of environmental social governance.